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Whatever it takes to bring qualified leads and new clients to our customers.  We help you build a high visibilty with maximum return on your investment (ROI) through strategic use of digital and traditional marketing.  We can craft, implement and launch high performing marketing and advertising campaigns so you start generating qualified leads and find new clients in as little as 24 hours! 

  • Web Design
  • SEO
  • PPC & Social Advertising
  • Graphic Design
  • Content Creation
  • Video Production
  • Direct Mail
  • Referral Programs
  • Lead Automation

We make sure Everything You Touch A Lead Generation Powerhouse!

Is your lead generation stalled?  Have your referrals dried up?  Website not converting?  Even if you’re just starting out, we can show you how to make every search, marketing communication, website visit, and outbound marketing generate leads.

REaltor® Lead Generation

Stop “touching” your clients and start CONNECTING with your clients and develope real realtionships that keep your pipeline full!

Fill your showroom

Dealers, Boutiques, and any other brick-and-mortar showcase needs interested, qualified foot traffic to keep the register ringing! 

For the hard working sales team

Inbound lead generation

Every single email, every postcard, every text message designed around one goal, generate leads!  Our programs are unique, designed around you and your brand, and fit the startup entrapanuer to the large sales team!

Overview Services

Content Generation

Attracting quality talent for an industry as competitive as transportation is a constant challenge for JS Helwig and Sons.  We created a high quality video to let candidates see what it’s like from the inside before they even apply.  The response?  Well it’s been phenominal!

Video Production

Our friends at JS Helwig & Sons needed a beautiful recruiting video that brings in leads

Promotional Items

When your customers are wearing your brand, now that’s loyalty!

REwards Marketing

Want more referrals than you can handle?  We can show you how!

from the project sample box

Reward your customers 

Hey Business Owner, Want Referrals?  THEN REWARD YOUR CLIENTS!  Promotional items, thank you gifts, and even custom box rewards for your best customers are one of the best ways to ensure loyalty and referrals.  We can customize a proven referral generation program that will generate more referrals, more positive reviews, and give your customers reasons to talk-you-up to all their friends.

This is fuze media

and we Love generating leads

Will this program get attention?  Will this program change a buying behavior?  Will this program drive a sales activity?  Our programs always start with the return on your marketing investment as the primary motivator for how we design, plan, and execute your next marketing success.      

Website hits and social likes, great! Where’s the sales activity?  Focus on the metrics that actually matter the next time you spend marketing dollars, ask this simple question “Where are my sales”?  We’re a direct response agency which means we measure success by how often the register rings, not how many likes you get!


Websites designed in wordpress, quick responsive, and SEO friendly



Content, back links, guest posts, and strong lead capture are key to engaging your current clients and attracting new ones! 


Results drive everything we do, from how we design, to how we optimize your marketing spends to maximize returns.  It’s all transparent in our reporting.

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Leads  don’t fall from the sky

Where's my leads?

If you’ve been struggling to make marketing work or are convinced that marketing doesn’t work for you we can absolutely help you find the messages and the channels that will make a big impact on your ROI.

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